High, How are you?

If your answer was better than your plants, we're here to help.

Gracious Greens is a Cannabis Consulting agency specializing in home/craft grows. We strive to continue forging a path for those interested in the capabilities of this plant, and all the joys of growing it yourself.

Hi, I’m Jake Tumminello

I’m a caregiver, plant lover, and a believer in helping others. With the way the current medical and recreational markets are, people are more and more turning to growing their own garden at home. While this will definitely lead to a sense of accomplishment, flavorful flowers, and a deeper knowledge into the plant we all love, the path to receiving quality outcomes can be long and frustrating. That’s why I started Gracious Greens. To provide a solid, consistent platform off of which anyone and their grandma can grow a high quality, high producing crop using all organic methods.

Multiple Support Options

We are available daily via text, call, email, or video chat. We know everyone’s schedule isn’t always preferred, and we want to make your experience with us as comfortable and convenient as possible.

All Organic - Start to Finish

Why load your plants, and ultimately your lungs up with synthetic salts? Mother Earth has provided everything we need to grow strong, abundant plants while treating ourselves to only what nature intended. 

We pride ourselves in continuing to pursue an all organic growth model, from the medium to the nutrients. If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Increase Yields and Quality

Tired of taking care of your plants for months on end to only come out with a couple of ounces in finished product?

We’ve been there. Let us show you how to easily increase your yields, while simultaneously increasing product quality in the process. Our tried and true methods will ensure a bountiful harvest!

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